Virtual Heidelberg Laureate Forum: September 21–25, 2020

Virtual Heidelberg Laureate Forum

September 21–25, 2020


Reminder: On Monday, September 21, we begin to “Traverse Separation” with the Virtual HLF! Journalists will have access to the vast majority of the program points.

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·        Interviews with the most recent recipients of the Abel Prize, ACM A.M. Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing, Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize.

·        Karen Uhlenbeck, the first woman to receive the Abel Prize, will be interviewed by two HLF alumnae.

·        Hot Topic revolves around “Digital Health” with renowned experts analyzing the  opportunities and challenges that arise when utilizing technology to improve healthcare.

·        Panel Discussion: “Scientific exchange and collaboration in the post-covid era” – Vinton Cerf, Alessio Figalli and Efim Zelmanov.

·        Panel Discussion: “How to Trust the Incomprehensible – Public Science Communication in Mathematics and Computer Science” – John Hopcroft, Ilka Agricola, Susan D’Agostino and Eva Wolfangel – moderated by Volker Stollorz

·        Panel Discussion: “Theorems and initiatives inspired by Maryam Mirzakhani” – Mirzakhani’s influence has not faded, she still inspires progress both in mathematics and society.


These sessions are part of a larger program packed with laureate talks, informal dialogues, exhibitions and more. Check the website for a detailed overview and updates.

We will assist journalists interested in organizing interviews, send requests to:

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