Grant pro žurnalisty publikující v oblasti informací o rakovině – do 16.10.2015


Cancer World Journalist Grant 2015

Print, broadcast and new media journalists are invited to apply for a Cancer World Journalist Grant that will enable them complete a reporting project on a particular topic relating to cancer.

We are looking for projects that explore systemic issues that have a significant impact on cancer patients and that provide comprehensive coverage on the topic rather than short spot-reports from the field.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to 2,500 Euro, half to be paid in advance and the remainder on submission of the principal material for publication or broadcast

Recipients of the grant will be required to complete their project within an agreed time-frame and submit their articles, radio reports or videos for publication in Cancer World magazine and on the Cancer World website. Cancer Worldmagazine will give grant recipients the right to reproduce articles/videos through other media channels.

Closing date for submissions is October 16, 2015

For full details and instructions on how to apply please visit
or contact Corinne Hall
+39 02 85 46 45 22

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